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American Breakfast 28/yuan
(Bacon﹑sausage﹑hash browns﹑eggs﹑toast﹑butter and jam)

Swiss Breakfast 28/yuan
(Muesli with yoghurt﹑cheese﹑eggs﹑toast﹑butter and jam)

Vegetarian Breakfast 28/yuan
(Corn flakes﹑tomato﹑hash browns﹑eggs﹑toast﹑butter and jam)

French Breakfast 30/yuan
(Fruit﹑milk﹑eggs﹑toast﹑choice of strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce or maple syrup)

Shakshooka 35/yuan
(Tomato﹑onion﹑green pepper﹑red pepper﹑eggs﹑toast﹑butter and jam)

Jumbo Breakfast Special 38/yuan
(1 slice of country ham﹑2 pieces of bacon﹑2 sausages﹑3 eggs﹑tomato﹑mushrooms﹑corn flakes with cold milk﹑toast﹑butter and jam)

Omelettes(4 eggs) 35/yuan
(Ham﹑cheese﹑onions﹑green pepper)

Special Breakfast 18/yuan
(bacon or fruit﹑egg﹑toast﹑butter﹑juice or coffee)
Booking time:1 day in advance booking
Breakfast time:7:00-12:00

American Breakfast

Swiss Breakfast

Vegetarian Breakfast

French Breakfast


Jumbo Breakfast Special


Special Breakfast